How hot was it today in Brisbane?

How hot was Brisbane yesterday?

Brisbane Weather History for the Previous 24 Hours

Conditions Comfort
Time Temp Wind
9:30 pm 75 °F 13 mph
9:00 pm 77 °F 14 mph
8:30 pm 77 °F 15 mph

What is the hottest time in Brisbane?

The hottest month of the year in Brisbane is January, with an average high of 84°F and low of 70°F. The cool season lasts for 2.8 months, from May 31 to August 24, with an average daily high temperature below 71°F.

Is Brisbane very hot?

Brisbane’s hot months are late-November, December, January, February, and early-March, with high temperatures and humidity. During the height of summer, temperatures can reach as high as 40-45°C (107°F), but on most summer days, maximum daytime temperatures rise to 31-33°C (88-91°F).

How hot does Brisbane get in summer?

During summer, average temperatures range from 21 – 29.8°C (69.8 – 85.6°F) and the city has its highest rainfall, which can bring thunderstorms and occasional floods. Average rainfall during this time is 426.6 mm (16.8 inches).

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Is Brisbane a good place to live?

Brisbane is budget-friendly, and we can’t say the same for other cities across the country. The cost of living is much lower, and you’ll see it with transport, accommodation and food. … While property prices are skyrocketing all over, Brisbane’s have stayed pretty favourable – even for larger lots.

Has it ever snowed in Brisbane Qld?

The Bureau of Meteorology has only three official records of snow in Brisbane: June 1927, June 1932 (witnessed by seven people), and September 1958 (light flakes were seen by four people at 5:15pm in Moorooka, Wooloowin, Bowen Hills and Taringa.

Why is Brisbane so hot?

Due to its proximity to the Coral Sea of the Pacific Ocean and a warm ocean current, Brisbane’s overall temperature variability is somewhat less than most Australian capitals. Temperatures only occasionally reach 35 °C (95 °F) or more.

What was the hottest day in Brisbane 2020?

Notable events affecting Queensland

Extremes in 2020
Hottest day 43.5 °C at University of Queensland Gatton on 6 Dec
Warmest days on average 28.5 °C at University of Queensland Gatton
Coolest days on average 24.6 °C at Cape Moreton Lighthouse
Coldest day 13.5 °C at Cape Moreton Lighthouse on 23 May

Is Brisbane hotter than Sydney?

Sydney: 26 deg. C. Brisbane: 29 deg. C.

Why is Queensland so hot?

Ultimately Queensland is almost always a good deal warmer than New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. The coastal regions are influenced by the warm ocean waters which usually keep the region free from extremes of temperature and provide moisture for rainfall.

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Is Perth hotter than Brisbane?

Perth rarely gets any rain and has comfortable temperatures most of the time. Brisbane is a bit wetter, hot and humid much of the year.

Is Brisbane safe at night?

Brisbane is a safe and vibrant 24-hour city but in any big city, crime does happen. … The safety of all residents and visitors is paramount to the QPS.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Queensland?

Highest temperatures for each state and territory

Temperature State or territory Date recorded
49.5 °C (121.1 °F) Queensland 24 December 1972
48.8 °C (119.8 °F) Victoria 7 February 2009
48.3 °C (118.9 °F) Northern Territory 1 January 1960
2 January 1960