Is it better to stay in Perth or Fremantle?

Fremantle, though situated very close to Perth, has its distinct appeal for tourists. Staying in Fremantle will encourage you to feel and absorb each and every spot in this city to actually connect to this place.

Is it worth staying in Fremantle?

Fremantle makes an excellent destination for your stay because of the accessibility of the city. Freo is very walkable. If you’re interested in seeing the top sites in the city, most of them can be reached on foot. Fremantle is also nearby to many other favourite destinations in Western Australia.

What is the best area to stay in Perth?

The 9 Best Neighborhoods in Perth for Tourists

  • Elizabeth Quay. …
  • West Perth. …
  • East Perth. …
  • Northbridge. …
  • Burswood. …
  • Fremantle. …
  • Scarborough. …
  • Near the Airport and at Guildford.

How many days do you need in Fremantle?

If you are looking for what to do in Fremantle, a two-day itinerary is a great option. European history starts in 1829, when Captain Charles Fremantle takes possession of the West Coast of Australia on behalf of King George IV. The Swan River Colony makes little progress until the arrivals of British convicts in 1850.

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How many days do you need in Perth?

3 days in Perth is a good amount of time to spend getting to grips with the city – many travellers do so before going on a west coast road trip towards Broome. This itinerary will cover what to do in Perth in 3 days and give you some ideas for where to go next.

How do I spend a day in Fremantle?

How to Spend a Day in Fremantle

  1. The Fremantle boardwalk.
  2. The National Hotel, a shining example of Fremantle’s heritage architecture.
  3. Little Creatures- great beer on the water.
  4. Mmmm…
  5. Cicerello’s, a harbourside classic for fish and chips.
  6. Colouful huts along the water.

Is Perth a good holiday destination?

For a city once known mostly for its endless sunshine and pristine beaches, Perth has established itself as one of the world’s coolest travel destinations without, apparently, even having to try. … True, the number and quality of recent hotel openings in Perth is pretty remarkable.

Is Perth worth visiting?

Perth is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to visit. It is also a very long way from anywhere. If being a long way from anywhere is something attractive, then this place is perfect. But (there it is again) on the East coast you can go to the Great Barrier Reef one day and ski in the Snowy Mountains the next.

Is East Perth nice?

East Perth is safe, clean, green and tidy. It’s quiet at night and reasonably lively and busy during the day, at least at the Cove and along Hay St and Adelaide Tce. The streets in between are not as interesting, but are also a convenient location to live for anyone working in the CBD.

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What is Fremantle known for?

Well-known for its maritime history and the largest convict-built prison in Australia, Perth’s port city of Fremantle is also well-known for supporting the arts, from local to national (and some international) artists. Freo is a must-visit for all tourists and a popular choice for a day or night out among the locals.

What is the best month to visit Perth?

The best time to visit Perth is in September, October or November when the city is aglow with the colors and perfumes of spring and sunny days are uninterrupted by rain. December through February constitutes Perth’s summertime and is marked by scorching temperatures.

What can you do in Fremantle for free?

Free activities

  • Beaches. Fremantle has an enviable five beaches throughout the city!
  • Street art. Fremantle is a magnet for some of the world’s best street artists. …
  • Round House. …
  • WA Shipwrecks Museum. …
  • Fremantle Arts Centre. …
  • Fremantle Markets/buskers. …
  • Self-guided walking and cycling tours. …
  • Photography.

Do you need a car in Perth Australia?

Basically, without a vehicle you can easily access Perth CBD, Northbridge (nightlife and entertainment district), Kings Park, Fremantle, Cottlesoe beach, South Perth (for zoo) and certain inner city suburbs with some restaurants and nightlife like Subiaco, Leederville and Mt Lawley.

What is the coldest month in Perth?

Perth has a Mediterranean climate (Köppen climate classification Csa), with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. February is the hottest month of the year, with an average high of 31.6 °C (88.9 °F), and July is the coldest month of the year, with an average low of 7.9 °C (46.2 °F).

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Is Perth busy?

While Perth might sometimes be a bit slower than other cities, the fashions a bit behind the times, and shopping hours not 24 hours, for some this is actually its charm. … Not to say Perth doesn’t get busy, it does.