Is it cold in Melbourne in April?

April Weather in Melbourne Australia. Daily high temperatures decrease by 6°F, from 71°F to 64°F, rarely falling below 57°F or exceeding 82°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 4°F, from 53°F to 49°F, rarely falling below 41°F or exceeding 61°F.

Is April hot in Melbourne?

You can expect very pleasant temperatures during the day. The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 21.1°C (69.98°F). The sun will occasionally show itself with 180 hours of sunshine during the whole month. April is known as one of the best months to visit Melbourne.

What is the coldest month in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s top temperatures are usually in January and February. Those months are often dry, with hot spells and cooling afternoon breezes off Port Phillip Bay. June and July are the coldest months and October is the wettest.

Is it cold in April in Australia?

Australia Weather in April

Even though April is considered fall across Australia, temperatures are still quite warm across most of the country. The colder areas of the country include Tasmania in the south, while the tropical north is much warmer.

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What was the weather in Melbourne April 2020?

Greater Melbourne in April 2020: another wet month with below average daytime temperatures. Rainfall in April was above average at all sites in Greater Melbourne, due to moderate to heavy falls on several days, spread mostly over the beginning and the end of the month.

Is Melbourne colder than Sydney?

Melbourne tends to get more hot and cold summer extremes, while Sydney’s daily top temp is more constant (at least in coastal areas where its “official” Observatory Hill weather station is located), but it all more or less evens out. … Sydney’s average daily max is around three degrees warmer than Melbourne’s all winter.

Where is it warm in Victoria in April?

Further information

Extremes in April 2019
Coolest nights on average 4.1 °C at Mount Hotham
Warmest nights on average 13.8 °C at Point Hicks (Lighthouse)
Warmest night 24.3 °C at Cape Otway Lighthouse on the 17th
Warmest on average overall 18.3 °C at Mildura Airport 18.3 °C at Walpeup Research

Why does Melbourne feel so cold?

Melbourne unfortunately lies in the path of a persistent cold westerly airstream throughout winter. When they become south westerly the winds come from the cold exposed southern ocean with ocean temps being 13 degrees and Lower, thus making the wind chill temp feel much colder.

What season is it in Australia in April?

In Australia, the seasons are defined by grouping the calendar months in the following way: Spring – the three transition months September, October and November. Summer – the three hottest months December, January and February. Autumn – the transition months March, April and May.

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Which Australian city has the best weather?

Perth arguably has the best Australia Day weather, experiencing just 8 Australia Day’s of rain since 1900 with an average of 2.9mm of rain falling on these days. It also has the highest average maximum temperature at 30.4°C with 61 of the past 116 Australia Days above 30°C.

What month is the cheapest to fly to Australia?

1. When is the cheapest time to fly? The lowest season generally for flying to Australia is from mid April until late June. This is late autumn/early winter Down Under, and so may not suit your plans unless you are headed to the north of the country.

What’s the coldest month in Australia?

The coldest months are June, July and August – a perfect time to explore up north. The wet season runs in much of the north of the country from November to April, whereas Townsville’s (described as the Dry Tropics) has a wet season that is shorter, usually mid-December to end of March.