What are the bad suburbs of Melbourne?

Some of the most awful suburbs are surely Deer Park, Sunshine, Footscray, Dandenong, Springvale, Werribee, Noble Park, Doveton, Cranbourne, Epping, Broadmeadows, Sunbury, Melton, Collingwood and Kings Park.

Which Melbourne suburb has the highest crime rate?

Boronia, Seaford, Malvern East, Glen Iris and Shepparton recorded the biggest jumps, with at least 100 additional incidents compared to the same time the previous year.

Where should I not live in Melbourne?

So, which are the Melbourne suburbs to avoid? It seems the closer you are to the city, the more the crime rate rises. While these areas are largely safe during the day, the areas that have been ranked the least safe in Melbourne include Melbourne City, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Campbellfield and Docklands.

What is the best suburb to live in Melbourne?

The Best Suburbs to Live in Melbourne in 2020

  • South Yarra.
  • St Kilda.
  • Carlton.
  • Brunswick.
  • Footscray.
  • Fitzroy.
  • Richmond.
  • South Melbourne.

Is Reservoir a bad suburb?

Reservoir is an inner suburb & 10kms from the CBD. … In terms of safety, Reservoir is as safe as houses. There are many young families and young professionals moving in to the area who have been priced out of the inner north.

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What is the most common crime in Melbourne?

As of September 2018 the CBD of Melbourne had the highest rate of overall criminal incidents in the state (15,949.9), followed by Latrobe (12,896.1) and Yarra (11,119.2).

Crime in Victoria.

Homicide 3.3
Rape 219.4
Robbery 48.0
Property crimes

Is North Melbourne dodgy?

North Melbourne has a high violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for Melbourne.

Where should you not live in Victoria?

The most dangerous areas in Victoria is based on data from the local law enforcement agency and when not available, also includes estimates based on demographic data.

  • North Park. Population 3,405. …
  • Douglas Corridor. Population 1,635. …
  • Rock Bay. Population 747. …
  • Port Renfrew. …
  • Burnside Gorge. …
  • Sheringham Point. …
  • Oldtown. …
  • Chinatown.

Where do most Chinese live in Melbourne?

Popular regions for Melbourne’s Chinese community

  • Nillumbik. …
  • Port Phillip. …
  • Stonnington. …
  • Whitehorse.
  • The City of Whittlesea is located north of Melbourne and is one or the largest municipalities in Melbourne, covering suburbs such as Epping, Thomastown and South Morang. …
  • Wyndham. …
  • Yarra. …
  • Yarra Ranges.

Where should I move in Melbourne?

Where are the best suburbs to live in Melbourne?

  1. St Kilda West. …
  2. Albert Park. …
  3. Port Melbourne. …
  4. Seaholme. …
  5. St Kilda. …
  6. Spotswood. …
  7. Williamstown. …
  8. South Melbourne.

Is Brunswick Melbourne safe?

BRUNSWICK’S liveability is a key reason behind its unwanted title of Moreland’s crime capital. Crime Statistics Agency figures show the suburb endured 3196 crimes, topping the list of burglaries (330), bicycle thefts (181) and drug deals and trafficking (41).

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Is Glen Iris a safe area?

A swathe of suburbs in Melbourne’s east have among the lowest crime rates in Melbourne. Balwyn North, Kew East, Glen Iris and Mont Albert have a crime rate about half that of the rest of Victoria.

How safe is Glen Iris?

According to the crime stats, Glen Iris has an average of 1 in 54 homes experience a burglary. In Glen Waverley, you have a 1 in 69 chance of burglary, which is the Victorian average. Compared to other suburbs such as Ringwood, a 1 in 110 homes burgled, which is ‘safer than average’.

What suburb has the highest crime rate in Australia?

1. Blacktown: 4139. Blacktown is located West of Sydney has a reputation as one of the roughest areas.