What clothes to wear in Melbourne in April?

How do people dress in Melbourne in April?

Melbourne can be sunny one minute and raining the next! If you’re coming in April I would suggest just your regular clothes and a jacket to keep warm if you are not used to the cold weather. 18-20 degrees isn’t cold as such but if you are going near the Philip Island then it can get quite chilly on the waterfront.

Is April cold in Melbourne?

April Weather in Melbourne Australia. Daily high temperatures decrease by 6°F, from 71°F to 64°F, rarely falling below 57°F or exceeding 82°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 4°F, from 53°F to 49°F, rarely falling below 41°F or exceeding 61°F.

What clothes to wear in Melbourne in spring?

Layer up and stay warm as top temperatures average between 10°C – 15°C, with overnight lows around 5°C. You’ll need a jacket or a really comfy sweater to stay warm in the cooler climate, and something underneath so that you can peel off anything heavy when inside, in heated areas.

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How should I dress in Melbourne weather?

Dress in Layers

The best way to to pack for a trip to the city is to bring clothing that is easy to wear in layers. Visitors suggest bringing a light jacket or sweater when spending the entire day out in Melbourne. A warm morning can turn quite chilly by the end of the evening.

Why does everyone in Melbourne wear black?

Even Melbourne’s notoriously ‘blah’ weather had a part to play in influencing the city’s inky wardrobe, with our lack of sunny days making black a popular choice. “Black doesn’t look great in bright sunlight, there’s a wrongness about it,” says Breen Burns.

How should I dress for winter in Melbourne?

You’ll need a jacket or a really comfy sweater to stay warm in the cooler climate, and something underneath so that you can peel off anything heavy when inside, in heated areas. It’s great time of year to escape to the alpine region, with snow fields as close as a 2.5 hour drive away.

Is April a good time to visit Melbourne?

The best times to visit Melbourne are between March and May and September and November. … In the summer months (North America’s winter months) of December to February, Melbourne bursts at the seams with hot, sweaty tourists, while June through August (Melbourne’s winter season) affords cold weather and fewer travelers.

What season is April in Melbourne?

With its variable climate, Melbourne heats up December to February (summer), cools down March to May (autumn), chills out June to August (winter), and warms up again September to November (spring).

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What is the coldest month in Melbourne?

The coldest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 14°C (58°F).

Can you wear shorts to Melbourne Cup?

Melbourne Cup Oaks Day Fashion

The unofficial dress code is “feminine and floral”. Ladies are instructed to wear suitable racing attire, as it is a formal event, meaning jeans, leggings, shorts and so on are not permitted.

What do you wear on Oaks Day?

Pretty Pastels and Fancy Florals are order of the day for this feminine dress code. Oaks is the prettiest dress code of all the race days so play dress up this Ladies Day! Embrace soft florals, lace and pastel prints.

What should I wear for 10 degrees Celsius?

For 10 to 15°C Degrees

At 10°C, you can afford to pull off your trendy minimal outerwear like a parka, biker jacket or leather jacket. You can also get away with wearing your favourite shirt and jeans or dress combo, so long as you layer it with some form of outerwear.

What kind of clothing do they wear in Australia?

You’ll start sweating the second you step outside. Aussies who call this region home live in shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, and flip-flops (we call them “thongs”). Your best bet will be to avoid clothes with synthetic materials; stick to cotton.

How should I dress for autumn in Melbourne?

You can’t go past a long-sleeved dress in autumn. A wee bit warmer than shorter or no sleeves, yet with the flexibility to either leave your legs bare with socks or add some tights. A stretchy dress is always a comfortable option (Boden dress below) and an all over print adds plenty of personality (H&M dress below).

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