What happened to Grant and Tayla from Love Island Australia?

Tayla dumped him two weeks later after she discovered text messages on Grant’s phone that proved he was still in touch with Lucy, despite him insisting they had ended things. Following the split, Grant confirmed he and Lucy had rekindled their romance again.

Why did Grant and Tayla break up Love Island?

Tayla told TheFix: “It came out that there were new accusations that Grant had a live-in girlfriend, and he’s gone on the show to promote his business and get famous. “He denied it when we were in the house and I just had this gut feeling to follow through with it.”

Are tayla and Dom still together 2020?

Sharing a joint YouTube video to explain their break-up, Tayla explained they had decided to go their separate ways. Dom added: “We didn’t really know in our heads where we were at ourselves,” Dom said at the time. “Obviously we thought it was time to let you know that me and Tayla are no longer together.”

Are tayla and Cassidy friends now?

They might have become love rivals when Grant decided to play them off against each other, but it looks as though Cassidy and Tayla become pals on the outside world. Cassidy shared a photo of winner Tayla earlier this year, wishing her a Happy Birthday and even calling her ‘an angel’.

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Are Eden and Erin still together?

Eden Dally and Erin Barnett

Two months from the show’s conclusion, they announced their breakup. “We look back and cherish the time we have spent together, the memories we have created, in both Spain and in Australia,” they said at the time.

Are Millie and Mark still together 2021?

Despite finding a strong connection and even starting a fashion brand together, Millie and Mark ended their relationship. Millie posted a quote to Instagram on the first of April, saying, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Are Grant and Lucy still together?

Soon after his win, it was revealed that Grant had a girlfriend, Lucy, during his time on the reality show. The reality couple swiftly broke up because Tayla had trust issues that couldn’t be resolved, so Grant got back together with Lucy, who have remained in a relationship since 2019.

Did Cassidy sleep with Grant?

The blonde beauty appeared on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show. Shock jock Kyle asked Cassidy if she ‘had actual sex’ with Grant before he moved onto love rival Tayla Damir. ‘No, I can confidently say I did not have sex with Mr Crapp,’ Cassidy insisted.

Did Cassidy lose weight on Love Island?

I was doing it for nothing other than to be skinny enough to feel beautiful to the public.” But Cassidy said that things didn’t improve for her once she lost weight and dropped to a size six by October 2018. She trained ‘really hard’ and dropped from a size 10 to a 6 in just months. Picture: Instagram.

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Why does Erin not like Millie?

This is a feud that has been going since right back to the beginning of Love Island, when seemingly out of nowhere, Erin lost it at Millie, accusing her of breaching the most sacred of codes – girl code. The violation? Millie did not cast a look at Erin while kissing Eden (non-passionately) during a challenge.

Does grant stay with Tayla?

Tayla revealed the split news on Instagram on July 19, 2018, telling fans: “It’s with great heartbreak that I write this post to inform everyone that Grant and I are no longer together, but will remain amicable despite the circumstances.

Is tayla and Grant Still Together 2021?

Grant and the secret girlfriend, real name Lucy Cartwright, are still together and the couple welcomed a daughter named Charli in April 2021. Tayla is now engaged to her AFL player lover boy, Nathan Broad. We’re happy they have both moved on and found their people!

Are Dom and Shelby still together from Love Island?

Are Love Island Australia’s Dom and Shelby still together? The short answer is no. After just a few weeks outside the villa, Dom and Shelby when their separate ways. Dom announced that they’d decided to end things, saying at the time: “We have decided that we are best off as friends.