Which state is Sydney in Australia?

What state or territory is Sydney in?


State Postal Capital
New South Wales NSW Sydney
Queensland QLD Brisbane
South Australia SA Adelaide
Tasmania TAS Hobart

Which state contains Sydney in Australia?

Sydney, city, capital of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Is Sydney a state or NSW?

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales (NSW). The city of Sydney is located on the eastern coast of NSW.

What are the 7 states of Australia?

Australia has a number of political divisions that include New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, and Tasmania.

How are the states in Australia?

The country is divided into six states and two territories.

What is difference between state and territory?

What are territories? … Unlike a state, territories do not have legislations to create laws for themselves, so they rely on the federal government to create and approve the laws. Territories are not claimed by any state so the Australian Parliament directly controls them.

Is NSW a state in Australia?

The name New South Wales came from the journal of Lieutenant James Cook (later Captain Cook), who sailed up the east coast of Australia in 1770. He thought that the land looked like the south coast of Wales. He named it “New Wales” but then changed the name in his journal to “New South Wales”.

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How many states has NSW?

New South Wales (abbreviated as NSW) is a state on the east coast of Australia. It borders three other states, Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south, and South Australia to the west.

New South Wales
GSP ($A million) $624,923 (1st)
GSP per capita $76,876 (4th)
Website www.nsw.gov.au

Is Melbourne part of Sydney?


Sydney New South Wales
Location 877 km (545 mi) NE of Melbourne 923 km (574 mi) S of Brisbane 287 km (178 mi) NE of Canberra 3,936 km (2,446 mi) E of Perth 1,404 km (872 mi) E of Adelaide
LGA(s) Various (31)
County Cumberland
State electorate(s) Various (49)

What is the capital city of Australia?

Canberra, federal capital of the Commonwealth of Australia. It occupies part of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), in southeastern Australia, and is about 150 miles (240 km) southwest of Sydney.

How many countries are in Australia?

Australia (continent)

Area 8,600,000 km2 (3,300,000 sq mi) (7th)
Demonym Australian/Papuan
Countries show 2
Dependencies show External (2) show Internal (3)
Languages English, Indonesian, Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu, 269 indigenous Papuan and Austronesian languages, and about 70 Indigenous Australian languages

Is Queensland a state?

Queensland, state of northeastern Australia, occupying the wettest and most tropical part of the continent.

Is the act in NSW?

It is located in southeastern Australian mainland as an enclave completely within the state of New South Wales. … Following discussion and exploration of various areas within New South Wales, the Seat of Government Act 1908 was passed in 1908 which specified a capital in the Yass-Canberra region.

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