Your question: What is the richest area in Melbourne?

Toorak held its position as the most expensive suburb in the city with a staggering median sale price of $5m, despite a 9.1 per cent drop on the previous quarter.

What is the richest suburb in Melbourne?

5 km southeast of the CBD, you’ll find Melbourne’s most expensive suburb, Toorak. With a median house price of $3.1 million, this area is known as the Beverly Hills of Melbourne.

What is the most expensive street in Melbourne?

Chrystobel Crescent in Hawthorn, where Silver Top Taxi boss Kevin Gange sold No. 7 (pictured), is the priciest street in Melbourne, according to Ray White. 28 Grange Rd, Toorak – on one of the city’s most expensive streets – is for sale for $24m.

Is Malvern a rich area?

Malvern, situated about 10km south-east of the city, has prices similar to in Balwyn. The median house price is $2.83 million whereas the median unit price is $707,000. … Malvern has lots of greenery, open spaces, boutique shopping and Victorian mansions.

Where do the rich people live in Victoria?

Victoria’s 3142 postcode, which comprises Toorak and Hawksburn and sits just five kilometers south-east of Melbourne’s CBD, is home to more of Australia’s richest millionaires and billionaires than any other suburb in the country.

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Where do most Chinese live in Melbourne?

Home to the Melbourne’s largest Chinese population is the suburb of Box Hill, located less than 15km east of the CBD. In Box Hill, over 60% of residents are either born in China or with Chinese ancestry (35.4 per cent Chinese ancestry and 27.6 per cent China-born).

What is the safest suburb in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s safest suburbs are…

Ranking Melbourne’s safest suburbs
1 Oaklands Junction/ Yuroke
2 Melbourne Airport
3 Wattle Glen
4 Kangaroo Ground & South

What is the fastest growing suburb in Melbourne?

Pakenham located 54kms south-east of the CBD, has been one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Melbourne over the last 20 years. As a result of this popular suburb being built out, demand is now increasing for the new neighbouring suburb of Pakenham East.

Is Coogee a rich suburb?

It has a median price of $2.1 million. It is one of the southeast’s most expensive suburbs but Coogee isn’t quite prestige yet. … Coogee has a median house price of $2.61 million. Prices have grown by 13.5 per cent.

Is Double Bay Expensive?

Double Bay is an affluent harbour side suburb with beautiful leafy streets, alfresco dining and fashion boutiques. With a luxury residential portfolio of waterfront mansions, Victorian terraces and contemporary townhouses, the suburb’s median house price sits at just over A$6 million.

What is Australia’s most expensive suburb?

1. Darling Point, Sydney NSW. The most expensive suburb in Australia has a median house price of $7.06 million.

Is Clayton expensive?

With a median unit price of $730,000, Clayton is higher than Victoria’s median unit price of $590,000. When it comes to renting, the Clayton median unit rental price per week is $420 which makes renting more expensive than Victoria’s average of $385.

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What is the richest suburb in Victoria?

Toorak held its position as the most expensive suburb in the city with a staggering median sale price of $5m, despite a 9.1 per cent drop on the previous quarter.

What is the coolest suburb in Melbourne?

Time Out has released its annual list of the 49 coolest neighbourhoods in the world, and the Melbourne suburb of Richmond is tenth on the list. It’s the best-performing Australian suburb in the list, beating out Sydney’s Surry Hills at 19.