What happens if I miss a DHL delivery Australia?

If you missed a delivery, you’ll find a DHL missed-delivery card in your mailbox. Our DHL courier will automatically return the next workday. If you also missed our second delivery attempt, you can collect your parcel at a DHL location.

What happens if you miss a DHL delivery?

WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE IS NO-ONE AVAILABLE TO RECEIVE MY PARCEL? If there is no one available to accept the parcel, a calling card will be left at the address informing the receiver that DHL tried to deliver. The receiver can either collect the parcel from their local DHL Service Point or arrange another delivery.

Will DHL attempt delivery again?

After two unsuccessful attempts you may collect the parcel at the DHL Parcel Customer Service Centre. They will try 2 or 3 more attempts to deliver you package to you. If you missed any and can track it either you can pick that up from their pickup point or as them for another attempt when you are at the place.

What happens if I don’t pick up my DHL package?

If you don’t come pick up it, it’ll be returned to the sender. We’ll notify you immediately if your parcel won’t fit in a locker and will take it to the nearest DHL store.

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How do I reschedule a DHL package?

If the scheduled delivery time isn’t convenient for you, or if you’d rather collect your parcel from a DHL ServicePoint, use the My DHL app to change the time and location of delivery with ease. You can do this starting on the day before your scheduled delivery.

Will DHL leave in a safe place?

Can I ask DHL to leave my order in a safe place? DHL can leave your order with a neighbour (you will need to provide them with an address), leave it in a safe place, concierge or guard.

How late in the day does DHL deliver?

In the US, DHL delivery hours are between 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday. DHL doesn’t offer weekend or holiday delivery in the US, unless you’re willing to pay extra and make special arrangements. For international shipments, DHL Express Service point locations are open from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Do DHL automatically redeliver?

You can arrange redelivery via the DHL website here. You’ll need the tracking number from your dispatch email. If you don’t arrange a redelivery DHL will attempt to deliver again on the next working day.

Do DHL text you before delivery?

You’re next – the customer can request to receive a ‘You’re next’ text when the driver is one stop away, typically 5-15 minutes before the delivery. … An email and text notification will be sent to your recipient so they can reschedule the delivery to a more convenient time.

Can I reschedule DHL pickup?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change your pick-up appointment once it is scheduled. If you’re unable to keep this appointment, you’ll need to take your return to a DHL drop-off point for shipping instead.

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How do I collect from a DHL packstation?

You will need your customer card and a pick-up code in order to pick up parcels from a Packstation. You receive this pick-up code either by email or in the DHL Paket app. The latter can be downloaded from your App Store.

How many times do DHL attempt delivery?

We offer two free delivery attempts. After two unsuccessful attempts you may collect the parcel at the DHL Parcel Customer Service Centre. 3. What happens if the parcel is not delivered/collected?

How do I contact DHL by phone?

Estimated delivery has nothing to do with your package. It is based on history with similar packages and not in any way based on where your package is.