You asked: Who is the prime minister of Victoria Australia?

Who is the current prime minister of Victoria?

The current premier is the Honourable Daniel Andrews MP. He is the 48th individual to hold the position of Premier of Victoria (see table below). The Premier is the leader of the party or coalition which has the support of the majority of members in the Legislative Assembly.

How long can you be Premier of Victoria?

Sir Henry Edward Bolte GCMG (20 May 1908 – 4 January 1990) was an Australian politician of the Liberal Party. He was the 38th and, to date, longest-serving Premier of Victoria.

How many ministers are in Australia?

There are usually about 20 ministers in the House of Representatives and about 10 in the Senate.

Is the Victorian government liberal or Labour?

Victoria is currently governed by the Australian Labor Party, which first took power in the 2014 Victorian state election; the Australian Labor Party have governed Victoria for 28 of the past 39 years (1982-1992, 1999-2010, 2014-present).

Who is Maurice Payne?

Marise Ann Payne (born 29 July 1964) is an Australian politician who has been Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Morrison Government since 2018 and Minister for Women since 2019. She has been a Senator for New South Wales since 1997, representing the Liberal Party.

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What nationality is Daniel Andrews?

Дэниел Эндрюс/Гражданство
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