Sydney Train Walks

A hiking trip from Blacktown to Penrith via Great West Walk 10h / 47km

About this walk

This walk follows the Great West Walk through the Western Sydney Parklands, ending this green stretch in the pleasant Nurragingy Reserve.

After looping around Mount Druitt the walk continues through Whalan Reserve, and the newly created Wianamatta Nature Reserve. Before bridging the remaining distance to Penritch with the Great River Walk.

The route to follow

Download the GPS route from Blacktown to Penrith via Great West Walk as a GPX file to your navigation software and GPS devices. It takes about 10 hours to complete the full 47 kilometre walk, but plan extra for plenty of breaks and photography stops.

Getting there and back

Get the train to Blacktown using Plan your return trip from Penrith Station at

Along the way

Exit Blacktown Station on the mall side.

From the mall side of Blacktown Station, follow Richmond Road across the railway line.

Cross Balmoral Street and enter the Blacktown Showground on the other side.

Follow the path through the showground to the pavillion.

From the pavillion carpark follow Richmond Road to the left.

Follow Noel Street to the right which winds to a reserve at the end.

Follow the path through the playground a the end of Noel Street and follow Meig Place.

Turn left down Crudge Road then immediately right down Roy Place.

Follow the footpath through the reserve and continue following it across Davis Road.

Follow the nature strip along Breakfast Creek and cross the bridge at the sports fields to continue on the other side.

Follow the path along the creek to the entrance of the Western Sydney Parklands.

Continue following the path to the exit at Richmond Road.

Cross Richmond Road and enter the next section of the Western Sydney Parklands.

Cross Power Street and continue down the last section of the Western Sydney Parklands.

At the entrance to Nurragingy, take the bridge left.

Follow the path past the toilets to the bushland boardwalk.

The boardwalk ends at the pavilion. Continue past the Chinese Gardens.

Exit Nurragingy to the right from the carpark and pass underneath the railway overpass.

Continue past the sportsfields and follow Eastern Rd to the right at the ramp.

Cross the overpass across M7 and follow the sign to Mount Druitt down the ramp.

Take the ramp down from the footpath along the M7 down to Mavis Street.

At the end of Mavis Street, cross Rooty Hill Road and continue through Rooty Hill Central Park.

Cross Francis Road into the next part of the reserve and continue past the basketball courts.

After the gate and split in the path, follow the fenceline to the right past the Rooty Hill Leisure Centre.

Cross Rupertswood Road, follow it a short distance to the right and enter Bainbridge Crescent to the left.

Find the footpath between the houses on the right into Dr Charles McKay Reserve.

From left side of the picnic area follow the path out of the reserve to Frank Street.

Turn left down George Street and follow the nature strip right along the A44.

Enter the ANZAC Centenary Walk on the right and follow Simpson Hill Road to Ropes Creek Road.

Turn right down Ropes Creek Road and immediately left down Norfolk Street.

Turn right down Durham Street and left down Mount Druitt Road past the shops.

Cross the railway line across the pedestrian bridge.

From N Parade continue down Belmore Avenue.

Turn left into Kurrajong Avenue and continue through the industrial estate.

At the end of Kurrajong Avenue follow the nature strip to the right past the industrial buildings.

From the powerlines follow the paved path along the sports fields of Whalan Reserve.

Follow the footpath along Ropes Creek to Forrester Road.

Cross Forrester Road, follow it a short distance to the right, then enter Susannah Drive to the left.

Follow the footpath to the left around Townsend Cresent to Ropes Crossing Boulevard.

Continue following Ropes Crossing Boulevard past the shops to the old train station.

Follow the path through the reserve of the former Ropes Creek Station.

Follow the footpath left along Semaphore and Mainwarring Street.

Enter Wianamatte Regional Park at the corner of Mainwarring Street.

Follow the road past the ruined munitions factory to the picnic area.

Follow the road out the other side of the picnic area to the wildlife gate at Palmyra Avenue.

Enter the wildlife gate and follow the dirt road through the west section of the park.

Exit Wianamatte Regional Park at Jordan Springs and follow the road around the suburb to the left to the lake.

Walk around the lake and continue right down Lakeside Parade on the other side.

Cross The Northern Road at the intersection and continue left down the footpath through the gap in the sound barrier.

From Sherringham Road

Follow the nature strip between the houses to Laycock Street.

Cross Laycock Street and follow Lakeview Drive on the other side.

After the bridge follow the footpath along the water around the suburb to Castlereagh Road.

Follow Castlereagh Road to the left and at the roundabout enter the industrial estate to the right.

Follow Leland Street, turn left at Lugard Street then immediately right down Borec Road.

Turn right down Cassola Place to the start of the Great River Walk

Follow the Great River Walk left along the Nepean River past the weir.

Continue past the rowing club and underneath the bridges.

Follow the stairs up to Memorial Ave.

Continue past the ANZAC memorial to High Street.

Follow High Street to the intersection with Mulgoa Road.

Cross the intersection with Mulgoa Road and continue down High Street past the shopping centre.

Turn left down Station Street towards Penrith Station.

Cross the Great Western Highway into the station.

What to bring

  • Check the national parks website for possible detours, closures and restrictions.
  • Install an OpenStreetMap app for Android or iOS and preload the area.
  • Download the GPS data if your device can import it.
  • Print out this map and get a better one from a visitor information centre if possible.
  • Be sure to leave enough charge in your phone's battery for emergency calls.
  • Bring plenty of water, comfortable shoes, a hat and SPF 50 sunscreen.
  • Also bring a light windbreaker/raincoat in case you get caught out in the rain.