Sydney Train Walks

From Cronulla via Kamay Botany Bay 7h / 26km to Cronulla

About this walk

A large part of this is a walk passes through Kamay Botany Bay National Park.

It takes about 7 hours to complete the full 26 kilometre walk, but plan extra for plenty of breaks and photography stops. Consider that there's a lot to see along the way.

Getting there and back

Get the train to Cronulla using Plan your return trip from Cronulla at

Along the way

From the station cross the road and keep going straight through to the beach.

Follow the footpath along the beach, or the beach itself, to Wanda Reserve.

From the reserve a road leads into the dunes and soon turns into a gravel path.

On the left side of the path the Wanda sand dunes will become apparent.

Follow the path through the dunes to its end, or take one of the sandy tracks along the way back to the beach.

Walk along the beach to the headland. Take care as the beach there is accessible to offroad vehicles.

Past the headleand is small lined with beach shacks. The national park starts at the far end of it.

Follow the sign to the Coastal Walk which starts after a short climb up onto the next headland.

There are no markers on the trail, but it is a well worn path through the coastal heath.

Along the way the track meanders through coastal heath and across rocky platforms.

The next major landmark along the way is the Cape Baily Lighthouse.

Eventually the coastal path ends at Cape Colander Lookout.

Follow the road from the lookout to the entrance of the Yena Fire Trail on the left.

Halfway down the the trail there is a short self-guided walk through the dense bushland.

The trail eventually ends a tthe visitor centre, where refreshments and park information are available.

Behind the visitor centre a path leads to several memorials in the park.

From the memorials there is a self-guided walk with an auditory experience that will leads to Captain Cook monument.

From the monument, follow the footpath out of the park and to Kurnell's Silver Beach.

Follow Silver Beach Road away from the beach to the main road back to Cronulla.

Take care to stay on the shoulder and footpaths along Captain Cook Drive.

After a about two kilometres along the main road, enter the gravel road to Boat Harbour Park on the left.

Follow the dusty road across the dunes back to the Boat Harbour Headland.

Retrace your walk along the beach or through the dunes back to Cronulla.

What to bring

  • Check the national parks website for possible detours, closures and restrictions.
  • Install an OpenStreetMap app for Android or iOS and preload the area.
  • Download the GPS data if your device can import it.
  • Print out this map and get a better one from a visitor information centre if possible.
  • Be sure to leave enough charge in your phone's battery for emergency calls.
  • Bring plenty of water, comfortable shoes, a hat and SPF 30 sunscreen.
  • Also bring a light windbreaker/raincoat in case you get caught out in the rain.