Sydney Train Walks

From Cronulla via Royal National Park 8h / 28km to Loftus

About this walk

This walk follows the coastal walk through the Royal National Park.

It takes about 8 hours to complete the full 28 kilometre walk, but plan extra for plenty of breaks and photography stops. Consider that there's a lot to see along the way.

Getting there and back

Get the train to Cronulla and ferry to Bundeena using Plan your return trip from Loftus at

Along the way

Exit the station and follow the road left and use the tunnel underneath the tracks.

Across the street from the tunnel a footpath leads to the ferry dock.

Take the ferry to Bundeena from the ferry dock. It's an hourly service and requires cash.

Follow the road from the jetty towards the shops.

Access to Horderns Beach can be found on the right side of the road through a small reserve.

Follow the boach to the headland on the far side.

The path continues across the slippery rocks to the foot of the overhang. If the sea is too rough, please us the main road from the beach instead.

The ridges of the cliff make for a staircase up to the underside of the overhang.

The path up to the lookout is on the right side of the overhang.

A bushtrail leads from the lookout back to the road.

Follow the road to the right all the way to the end. There is a narrow staircase down to the bay at the right of the cul-de-sac.

At the bottom of the stairs, follow the path along the bay into the Bonnievale Campground.

Follow the beach along the Bonnievale Campground to the sandbar.

Leave the beach for the campground before the giant sign at the start of the sandbar.

Cross across the field to main the road of the campground.

Follow the road to the toilets at the far end of the campground.

To the left of the toilet block you will find the start of a bushtrail to the wetlands.

Follow the trail through the wetlands and cross the bridge across the lagoon.

On the other side of the bridge the path bends to the right and leads up to Maianbar.

The climb up to the ridge ends at a cul-de-sac of Pacific Crescent.

Follow Pacific Crescent to the Maianbar Cafe. Access to the sandbar is available across the street from the shop.

Keep following Pacific Cresent all the way to the other end.

The street continues after the staircase.

Eventually the street turns into a footpath through a short stretch of bushland.

Traverse the suburb along Park Road and down the dead end of Newcombe Street.

At the end of Newcombe Street a small signpost marks the start of the bushtrail into the Royal National Park.

Go left from the signpost and then follow the treeline immediate to the right.

At the edge of the field another signpost inficates the start of a trail.

At the first fork in the trail, go left and immediately start watching for a faint side trail on the right.

Follow the twisting path through the bush until it meets a sealed road.

Directly to the right across the road is a deep groove washed by rainwater. This is where the trail continues.

This trail is better defined and eventually intersects a Red Jack's fire trail.

Instead of following the fire trail to the left or right, continue straight on past the tree on the other side.

Behind the tree, the trail continues into the dense vegetation beyond.

Gradually the dense vegetation turn into coastal heath.

Eventually the path will cross Costens Point fire trail.

The overgrown path continues a few dozen meters to the left on the other side of the fire trail.

At the rocky outcrops along the trail, nice views can be had across Port Hacking.

Follow the trail to the right when it joins the walking path to Anice falls.

There are several signs along the way indicating the path to Anice and Winifred Falls.

The trail ends right a the top of Anice Falls. Be careful near the edge.

Cross across the rocks a few dozen meters up the creek.

On the far side you will find a path up to the next ridge top.

The Mount Bass firetrail joins the path. Follow the sign to Winifred Falls.

The path curves around the next ridge, before crossing a small creek and climbing up the other side.

After a steep descent across loose rocks, the trail finally ends at rapids in a wide creek.

Cross the creek at a shallow point and take great care not to slip on the rocks.

On the other side a well defined sandy path leads up to the nearby fire trail.

At the junction with the fire trail, follow it to the right to find Winifred Falls.

Winifred Falls is a popular swiming spot and the fire trail to it from the car park is well traveled.

Follow the rocky fire trail all the way up to the main road.

Cross the sealed road to find a sign pointing down the trail to Audley.

The trail winds it way through the bush, before making a steep meandering descent down to Audley.

At several points water flows cross the tracks. Be very careful not to follow a creek off a cliff, instead of the walking trail.

The descent ends at a large fallen tree. The trail continues underneath.

A little bit beyond a staircase ends right in front the Visitor Centre.

The park office at Audley offers public toilets, park information and refreshments.

Continue the walk by crossing the Hacking River across the weir.

On the other side a sign indicated the road to Reids Flat.

To the left a sign shows the steep descent up the Honeymoon Track. This is the shorter route up to the park office and car park.

+ 1h / 3km If time allows follow the road to Reids Flat campground.

At the far end of the campground an old road follows the Hacking river.

The road steadily shrinks down to a narrow walking path.

Follow the trail up the small staircase around, or down across an overgrown campground.

Eventually the trail peters out completely at a huge pile of branches and a yellow sign reading 'track end'.

Directly to the left of the sign a well worn scrable leads up the ridge.

Follow the walking trail the scamble joins at the top to the left.

The walking trail ends at a fire trail. Follow this to the left as well.

Where the Temptation Creek fire trail joins this one, follow the directions to the Visitor Centre.

On the left side of the fire trail, a paved walking path leads to Bungoona Lookout.

Follow the paved walking path to the car park.

At the other end of the car park a sign points the way to Loftus and the park's tram platform.

On Sundays the tram museum at Loftus runs an antique tram service.

At the far end of the tram platform a dirt ramp leads to the road along the tram line.

Follow the tram line to the edge of the park.

A large sign show the way to the Temptation Creek trail

Follow this trail, but pick the junctions that keep the Princess Highway close by on the left.

The trail will end at the traffic lights in front of the Loftus Tramway Museum.

Use the traffic light to cross the busy highway to the Museum's car park.

At the far end of the car park, you will find Loftus Station.

What to bring

  • Check the national parks website for possible detours, closures and restrictions.
  • Install an OpenStreetMap app for Android or iOS and preload the area.
  • Download the GPS data if your device can import it.
  • Print out this map and get a better one from a visitor information centre if possible.
  • Be sure to leave enough charge in your phone's battery for emergency calls.
  • Bring plenty of water, comfortable shoes, a hat and SPF 30 sunscreen.
  • Also bring a light windbreaker/raincoat in case you get caught out in the rain.