Sydney Train Walks

From Lake Haven via Munmorah 8h / 37km to Swansea

About this walk

Part of this walk covers Munmorah State Conservation Area.

It takes about 8 hours to complete the full 37 kilometre walk, but plan extra for plenty of breaks and photography stops. Consider that there's a lot to see along the way.

Getting there and back

Get the train to Wyong and the connecting bus to Plan your return trip from Cave Beach in Swansea using

Along the way

Leave the bus from Wyong station at the Lake Haven shopping centre.

Follow the footpath around the cinema to the car park of the recreation centre.

From the car park follow Kanimble Ave past the next intersection.

Follow Moala Parade to the right.

At the roundabout follow Panorama Ave to the left along the lakeside houses.

From the dog park and wetlands turn left down Lowana Ave.

At the intersection follow the footpath along the Pacific Highway to the right.

Cross the bridge over Wallarah Creek and us the off ramp to the right.

From the boat ramp follow the footpath along the water's edge.

The path continues unbroken all the way to Budgewoi

Don't miss the right turn at Edgewater Park.

Cross the bridge across Budgewoi Creek along the footpath.

Continue past the boat ramp and turn left onto Ourringo Street from the roundabout.

Follow the footpaths and nature strips along the holiday park down Mimosa Road.

Enter the powerline service trail on the left of Elizabeth Bay Drive.

Follow the powerline trail to Monmorah.

From the end of the trail, cross the reserve at the boat ramp.

From the roundabout, follow Elizabeth Bay Drive to the left.

From the next roundabout follow Birdie Beach Drive to the National Park entrance.

Follow Birdie Beach Drive into the national park.

At the intersection with Campbell Drive follow the sign to Frazer Beach.

At the intersection with Blue Wren Drive follow the sign to Frazer Beach.

Enter the parking bay on the right and follow the sign down the Coast Walk.

The trail ends at a similar parking bay on the far end.

+ 0h / 0km Follow the dirt road left a short distance to find a lookout point

Follow the dirt road right a short distance and enter the trail marked on the left.

The trail leads down to Frazer Beach.

Cross Frazer Beach and the rock platform to the smaller Bongon Beach.

From Bongon Beach climb the trail up to the Snapper Point carpark.

Follow Snapper Point Road up to the gated firetrail at the top of the ridge.

Enter the Moonee Beach Trail on the right.

At the intersection follow the marker to the beach.

Follow the beach to the left.

From the end of the beach follow either of the trails up to the suburban street.

From the beach access follow Montefiore Street to the left.

At the roundabout follow Clarke Street past the Catho Pub.

Past the Catho Pub, turn right down Flowers Drive.

Enter the surf club carpark on the right.

Continue left along Catherine Hill Bay Beach.

At the far end of the beach follow the dirt trail up the headland.

Follow the dirt road through the forest.

Turn right at the intersection and continue down the dirt road.

Pass the gate at the quarry and continue to the concrete structures.

Follow the trail to the left past the concrete structures and the quarry fence.

At the intersection past the quarry, follow the trail right.

Continue past the Wallarah National Park sign.

At the intersection follow the signs to Coastal Walk.

Use the bridge on the left to cross the lagoon.

Follow the gated firetrail up on the other side of the lagoon.

+ 0.5h / 1km A (degraded) section of a guided walk starts at the right side of the trail.

At the split in the trail follow the right fork around the hill.

The firetrail ends at Spoon Rocks Road. Follow the footpath from there.

Continue past the first bus stop at Caves Beach, since it is only for school busses.

Take the bus to Newcastle from the bus stop at the Caves Beach car park.

What to bring

  • Check the national parks website for possible detours, closures and restrictions.
  • Install an OpenStreetMap app for Android or iOS and preload the area.
  • Download the GPS data if your device can import it.
  • Print out this map and get a better one from a visitor information centre if possible.
  • Be sure to leave enough charge in your phone's battery for emergency calls.
  • Bring plenty of water, comfortable shoes, a hat and SPF 30 sunscreen.
  • Also bring a light windbreaker/raincoat in case you get caught out in the rain.