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A hiking trip from Woy Woy to Woy Woy via Box Head 10h / 40km

About this walk

From the pleasant Woy Woy foreshore footpaths, this walk leads past Blackwall up to the Daleys Point Walking Track. After climbing the ridge and a side trip to the nearby Daleys Point Aboriginal Rock Art the walk follows a stretch of the Bouddi Ridge Explorer all the way to the Bouddi National Park entrance.

From the park entrance the longer Strom Loop leads to the far end of Maitland Bay Beach via the Mount Bouddi Walking Track, or the shorter Maitland Bay Track can be taken down to the near end of the beach.

From the beach the Bouddi Coastal Walk is followed to the Killcare Surf Club. Using the road up from the surf club the walk follows the dirt road to Box Head along the top of the ridge. From the carpark there the Flanel Flower Walking Track leads to the foreshore of Pretty Beach, with an optional side trip to the secluded Lobster Beach.

After following the foreshore around Hardy's Bay a rough bushtrail ascends the ridge up to the Allan Strom Lookout at the end of the Rocky Point Trail. From the trail's carpark begins a retrace of the route back to Woy Woy.

The route to follow

Download the GPS route at Box Head near Woy Woy as a GPX file to your navigation software and GPS devices. It takes about 10 hours to complete the full 40 kilometre walk, but plan extra for plenty of breaks and photography stops.

Getting there and back

Get the train to Woy Woy using Plan your return trip from Woy Woy at

Along the way

From the station follow Brisbane Water Drive to the ferry jetty and follow the footpath along the shore from there.

Follow the path around Lions Park.

From the other side of Lions Park, follow the footpath along the shore.

From the end of the path follow Blackwall Road along the left side of the mountain to the bridge.

Cross the Bridge and follow Daley Ave to the steep ramp up the firetrail on the left hand side.

At the top of the right follow Fishermans Trail to the left.

+ 0.5h / 1km At the intersection with Daleys Point Trail turn left to visit the rock engravings and lookout.

From the intersection with Fishermans Trail follow Daleys Point Trail to the car park.

From the carpark cross the road and follow Maitland Bay Drive to the visitor centre of Bouddi national park.

From the park office, follow the firetrail left to Mount Bouddi.

- 1.5h / 5km Alternatively follow the staircase directly down to Maitland bay.

Follow Stroms Trail to the gate follow Mount Bouddi Road right to the carpark and picnic area.

From the picnic area follow the Mount Bouddi Track down to Maitland Bay.

At the intersection with the Bouddi Coastal Walk follow the trail to the right down to Maitland Bay.

From Maitland Bay, follow the Bouddi Coastal Walk towards Putty Beach.

After taking the wooden staircase down, follow Putty Beach to the Killcare surf club on the far end.

From the surf club, follow Beach Drive up to the roundabout and follow Hawke Head Drive to the left.

From the Box Head car park, follow the sign to the Flannel Flower Trail.

Follow the Flannel Flower Trail to Wagstaffe.

+ 0.5h / 1km Optionally along the way, follow the sign left to Lobster Beach.

From the end of the bush trail, follow Albert Street down to the ferry dock.

From the ferry dock, follow Pretty Beach Road to Hardys Bay along the water.

From the shops at Hardys Bay, continue along Araluen Drive along the water and climb the trail along Fraser Road up the ridge.

+ 0.5h / 0.5km At the top of the ridge, follow the trail left to visit Stroms Lookout.

Follow Rock Point Trail right to the Daleys Point Trail carpark and reverse the instructions from there back to Woy Woy.

What to bring

  • Check the national parks website for possible detours, closures and restrictions.
  • Install an OpenStreetMap app for Android or iOS and preload the area.
  • Download the GPS data if your device can import it.
  • Print out this map and get a better one from a visitor information centre if possible.
  • Be sure to leave enough charge in your phone's battery for emergency calls.
  • Bring plenty of water, comfortable shoes, a hat and SPF 50 sunscreen.
  • Also bring a light windbreaker/raincoat in case you get caught out in the rain.