Quick Answer: Who are the regulators in Australia?

Who are the two main regulators of the Australian financial system?

The Council of Financial Regulators (CFR) is the coordinating body for Australia’s main financial regulatory agencies. It includes the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Australian Treasury.

Who is the Australian financial regulator?

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is an independent statutory authority that supervises institutions across banking, insurance and superannuation and promotes financial system stability in Australia.

Which of these are regulators?


  • RBI – Reserve Bank of India. …
  • SEBI – Securities and Exchange Board of India. …
  • IRDAI – Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. …
  • PFRDA – Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority. …
  • NABARD – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. …
  • SIDBI – Small Industries Development Bank of India.

Who regulates the stock market?

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The SEC acts independently of the U.S. government and was established by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. 11 One of the most comprehensive and powerful agencies, the SEC enforces the federal securities laws and regulates the majority of the securities industry.

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What are regulators?

The Regulators were a large group of North Carolina colonists who opposed the taxation and fee system imposed by colonial officials in the late 1760s. … They wanted better economic conditions for everyone, instead of a system that benefited the colonial officials.

What are the 5 regulatory commissions?

Five independent agencies—the CFTC, FERC, NRC, FCA, and FMC—regulate primarily large businesses.

What is the role of a regulator?

Regulator: the regulator has oversight over the regime as a whole and has as its primary remit the task of ensuring compliance with the regulatory framework.

Is the ASX a regulator?

As a licensed operator of markets and clearing and settlement facilities in Australia, ASX has various regulatory obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Is the ATO a regulator?

As a regulator, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is required to self-assess its performance against the Regulator Performance Framework. The Regulator Performance Framework comprises six outcomes-based key performance indicators (KPIs) and associated measures.

What is the difference between ACCC and ASIC?

ASIC is responsible for monitoring, regulating and enforcing corporations and financial services laws to protect consumers, investors and creditors and promote market integrity. … The ACCC is responsible for the promotion of competition and fair trading and provision of consumer protection.

Who are the Council of Financial Regulators?

The Council of Financial Regulators (CFR) is the coordinating body for Australia’s main financial regulatory agencies. It is a non-statutory body whose role is to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of financial regulation and to promote stability of the Australian financial system.

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Who governs banks in Australia?

ASIC regulates banks and financial service providers, sets and enforces banking standards and investigates and acts against misconduct in the banking sector.

Does ASIC have an email address?

You can email the form to BN.lodgements@asic.gov.au.