What happened to Nullah in Australia?

Brandon Laurie Walters, 24, last week pleaded guilty to breaking into the woman’s home in Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia and threatening to harm her. … Walters had played the Aboriginal boy Nullah in the 2008 film when he was just 12 years old, starring alongside Hugh Jackman and Oscar-winner Ms Kidman.

What happens to Nullah in Australia?

As Lady Sarah and Drover rush to save Nullah, “King George” strikes Fletcher with a spear, killing him. Lady Sarah, Drover, and Nullah return to the safety of the remote Faraway Downs. Some time later, “King George” calls out to Nullah, who returns to the Outback with his grandfather as Lady Sarah and Drover look on.

Where is nulla now?

Until now, when It’s Your Day caught up with Brandon – who’s now 23 years old, living in Broome, WA and a father of two sons, a toddler and a newborn, with his partner Kanishah.

How old is Brandon Walters now?

Answer: Nullah

Fletcher is killed at the very end, by King George. Nullah is presumed dead, when the island he is on is bombed by the Japanese. However, Drover finds Nullah and the other boys alive on the island.

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What does Nullah mean in Aboriginal?

The word Nullah is a word for war club/hunting stick derived from the Dharug language.

How accurate is the movie Australia?

The Australian film High Ground, set mostly at a mission in Arnhem Land in the 1930s, blends stories (and languages) from Indigenous Nations across the region. It is a fictionalised story, inspired, says director Stephen Maxwell Johnson, by “true history”. At times, the film resembles a shoot-em-up Western.

Is Faraway Downs a real place?

Faraway Downs Station Kununurra Western Australia Australia

In ‘Australia’ the movie, the fictional station Faraway Downs is located in the majestic East Kimberley Region of Western Australia; the spiritual Country and lands of the indigenous Miriuwung Gajerrong people throughout the ages.

Who played Nullah?

Fast forward 11 years, and Brandon Walters is now 23-years-old, living in Broome, and a father of two sons, a toddler and a newborn. … Despite the film grossing $211 million worldwide, along with the young actor being cast in a $40 million Australian tourism campaign, Walters reportedly only earned $120,000 for his role.

Who is Nullah dad in Australia?

Nullah’s father, Neil Fletcher (David Wenham), is a cunning and underhand man. He is employed by Lord Ashley to manage the Lord’s cattle station of Faraway Downs in the Northern Territory.

What Nullah means?

A nullah or nala (Hindustani or “nallah” in Punjabi) is an ‘arm of the sea’, stream, or watercourse, a steep narrow valley. Like the wadi of the Arabs, the nullah is characteristic of mountainous or hilly country where there is little rainfall.

Who played the Aboriginal in Crocodile Dundee?

David Gulpilil, Aboriginal Actor in ‘Crocodile Dundee,’ Dies at 68.

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Did Hugh Jackman sing in Australia?

Luke’s. In 2004, Jackman won the Tony Award and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actor in a Musical for his 2003–2004 Broadway portrayal of Australian songwriter and performer Peter Allen in the hit musical The Boy from Oz, which he also performed in Australia in 2006.

Who is the child in the movie Australia?

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Aged six, Brandon Walters was battling leukemia. At 13, the Aboriginal boy is a new face of Australia, the child star of the epic movie “Australia” whose makers have vowed to protect him from exploitation.