You asked: Which Australian state or territory has the smallest population?

What is Australia’s smallest territory?

Australia’s total land area is about 2,957,431 square miles. Western Australia is the largest state in the country while the Australian Capital Territory is the smallest.

What is the least populated area in Australia?

The least populated city in Australia is Darwin, with a population of 148,564 and a density of 703 people/sq km.

Which Australian state or territory has the highest population?

The largest state by population in Australia is New South Wales. Despite being less than half the size of Western Australia, it has a massive population of over 8.15 million people. The capital of New South Wales is Sydney.

What is the population of each state in Australia 2020?

As of March 2020, The proportion of the Australian population that lived in New South Wales amounted to 31.8 percent of the Australian population.

Population distribution in Australia in 2020, by state.

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Characteristic Population share
Queensland 20.1%
South Australia 6.9%
Western Australia 10.4%
Tasmania 2.1%

What is the smallest state or territory?

Area by state, federal district or territory

State Total area Water
Rank km2
Alaska 1 245,384
Texas 2 19,075
California 3 20,501

Which is the smallest state among mainland states?

The states

  • New South Wales (NSW) is Australia’s oldest state and contains the most populated city in Australia, Sydney. …
  • Queensland is Australia’s second largest state in size. …
  • Victoria is the smallest of the mainland states in size, but is home to the country’s second most populated city, Melbourne.

What is the smallest city in Australia?

Small Towns in Australia

The smallest town in Australia is the quirky Cooladdi (Aboriginal meaning “Black Duck”), which is placed between Quilpie and Charleville in southwest Queensland. Coolidge is actually a ghost town and, even though it once had a population of 270, now it’s home to only four people.

Why does the Northern Territory have the lowest population?

Overseas migration generally contributes to the NT’s population, although at a lower rate relative to the eastern seaboard states. In 2020-21: net overseas migration detracted 0.2 percentage points from population growth in the NT.

Which territory in Australia is most densely populated?

The Australian Capital Territory had the highest population density, at 179 people per sq km, followed by Victoria (28), New South Wales (10), and Tasmania (7.8).

What is the smallest state capital in Australia?

Darwin is Australia’s smallest capital city, with a current population of around 144,000.

What country has the lowest population density?

Greenland is the least dense, with less than 0.2 people per square km2, followed by Mongolia, Namibia, Australia and Iceland.

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Why is the Northern Territory not a state?

The territory doesn’t generate enough tax revenue to support itself. It can’t survive without funding from all the other states. At the time of federation in 1901 (when the colonies of Australia joined into one country) the area today known as The Northern Territory was part of the state of South Australia.

How many territories are in Australia?

Mainland Australia is the world’s largest island but the smallest continent. The country is divided into six states and two territories.

What is the difference between a state and territory?

Summary: 1. A territory is an area which is under the control of another state or government and does not have sovereignty while a state is also known as a country or an organized political organization which enjoys sovereignty.

What are the 10 territories in Australia?

Primary content

  • Ashmore and Cartier Islands. …
  • Australian Antarctic Territory. …
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Australian Capital Territory (Self-Government) Act 1988. …
  • Christmas Island. …
  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands. …
  • Coral Sea Islands. …
  • Heard Island and McDonald Islands. …
  • Jervis Bay Territory.